Santa Barbara Divorce Attorney

Areas of Practice:

Marital Dissolution

California is a "no-fault" state, meaning a divorce can be granted based simply on "irreconcilable differences," even if one spouse objects. It also means infidelity or other undesirable conduct cannot be considered in the overall division of assets or a spousal support award.


Legal Separation

Some couples choose this alternative as a way to conclude property and support issues, without dissolving the marriage perhaps because of religious beliefs, or a need to remain on a spouse's medical insurance.


Spousal Support

CA Courts have broad discretion to order one spouse to pay support to the other, and to determine the duration and amount of support. Thus, it is critical that you retain an attorney who takes sufficient time to understand your financial circumstances, and makes a compelling argument on your behalf.



BabyVentura Child Custody Lawyer

Divorces can be as varied and unique as the people petitioning for them. I will listen to your situation, gather pertinent details about your case and advise you on possible solutions. Common issues in a divorce may include:

  • Child custody: I will evaluate your unique situation, and help you determine what custodial arrangements are in your child's best interests.
  • Child support: There are many expenses associated with raising children. I will examine every aspect of each parent's income to help you get the amount of support your children deserve.
  • Visitation: Even if you do not have primary custody, you are entitled to visitation with your child. I will help you draw up the visitation paperwork to ensure that you have liberal access to your child.
  • Division of assets: I will work to secure the best property settlement available, taking into consideration property, pensions, retirement accounts and other important factors.
  • Legal separation: I sometimes suggest this option as an alternative to divorce for a variety of reasons, including, religious beliefs, to allow a spouse to remain on the other's medical insurance, etc. In the context of a legal separation, the same issues relative to a divorce can be resolved, such as child custody, support, and division of assets and debts. Legal separation can always be amended to dissolution of marriage.

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